Andrew Garrison


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Dear Customer,

Many organizations gloss over orientation with new hires.  A work culture left to chance can easily morph into a sea of bottom-feeders, turncoats, and de facto leaders.

Simple fact: the quest for profits begins and ends with the workers at your company. They interact daily and you must maximize these exchanges in order to realize company goals.

Our communication system reduces stress through human interaction. The ethical, reasonable, personal and practical appeals of our persuasion sequence trains employees to communicate with others in the role of advocate versus adversary.

What we call “the gentle art of persuasion” vastly improves productivity in every business interface through compliance (public safety), cooperation (hospital, education and youth services systems) and collaboration (business and corporate leadership).

Verbal Defense and Influence is “must-do” training for any company that strives for success. We look forward to delivering it to your organization.

Breathe Life into Your Business,

Andrew Garrison
Vistelar Consultant